Best Fried Chicken in Bali, Indonesia

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Usually I'd be reluctant to brand something the best without exhausting all options available, but trying all the fried chicken in Bali would probably kill me and my bank account. That said, I did have a real good go at it. The people of Bali do have quite a penchant for UFOs, that is Unidentified Fried Objects, of which chicken is often if not always obviously one. And I did have some cracking fried chicken but there was one that stood above the breast. It wasn't hot. It wasn't the cheapest. The stall selling it was strangely called Lalapan, indonesian for fresh vegetable. But thank God it was not vegetables, but golden crispy fried chicken. Each piece was giant, perfectly battered in crispy golden deliciousness. The meat was moist and suculent and plentiful. Comes with a fantastic chilli sauce too!

So most importanty, where can you get hands on it? Sanur nightmarket. The nightmarket is located here (will open in google maps) and the stall itself (if approaching from the main road entrance) is on the far right against the wall towards the back. There are a handful of plastic stools and tables where you can sit to eat before picking the next stall to gorge yourself at.

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